• No benefit for the first six days: Each compensation period begins with a compulsory qualifying period of seven days. During these seven days, you will not receive compensation.
  • The unemployment insurance covers up to 80 % of an average salary of SEK 25 025. The first 100 days of the compensation period you can receive up to SEK 910 per day. From day 101 the maximum amount is SEK 760.
  • A compensation period contains a total of 300 days. If you combine work with unemployment, you are entitled to a maximum of 60 weeks compensation. Read more here.
  • The benefit is subject to tax and qualifies for pension.
  • At the most you can receive the benefit for five days per week if you have been fully employed.
  • Register your bank account number at www.swedbank.se/kontoregister in order to receive your unemployment benefit. It takes about five working days.

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