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On 22 June, the Swedish parliament approved amendments to the Aliens Act that will enter into force on 20 July. For researchers and doctoral candidates, the change in the law primarily means that sufficient means of financial support through work or an own company will be a requirement for permanent residence permits to be granted. No changes have been made regarding the requirement for a four-year residence permit for doctoral studies, research or work,. The government is currently working on a proposal for more detailed provisions regarding the means of financial support requirement.

– We have been highly critical of the proposal, which originally included language requirements, something that has now been postponed until later, but which we expect to be introduced. The financial support requirement is still included, and it seems to apply to everyone who has not received their decision by 20 July. Now it remains to be seen what the detailed regulations will look like, says Robert Andersson, chief negotiator at SULF. 

For more information, please see the Swedish Migration Agency’s website (in Swedish).

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