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SULF to meet the Swedish Migration Agency

The difficulties they face in trying to obtain a residence permit mean that foreign doctoral candidates and researchers choose to…
7 September 2022

Welcome proposal on long-term resident status

The European Commission has approached the Swedish government with a proposal for a revised directive regarding status as a long-term…
29 August 2022

Positive meeting with the Swedish Migration Agency

Earlier this week, SULF had a constructive meeting with the Swedish Migration Agency to discuss how the agency works with…
11 August 2022

Agreement on flexibility, adaptability and employment security in the state sector

On October 1 2022, the Employment Protection Act, LAS, will be amended. If you have worked in the labour market…
6 July 2022

New report: Threats and harassment are common in Swedish academia

For the first time a study has been conducted on the prevalence and consequences of threats and harassment against researchers…
4 July 2022

Watch the webinar: The Aliens Act, news and experiences

In this webinar Robert Andersson, chief negotiator at SULF, talks about what is new regarding the changes in the Aliens…
3 June 2022

Longer residence permits for doctoral candidates

The Swedish Migration Agency has changed the rules on how long a doctoral candidate’s residence permit can be. Instead of…
11 May 2022

How will Sweden ensure it has enough doctoral graduates?

Fewer and fewer Swedish students are choosing to study for a doctorate, and many foreign doctoral candidates in Sweden leave…
6 May 2022

SULF stands with Ukraine!

The crisis that is now devastating the whole of Ukraine is also devastating Ukraine’s entire education system. Teachers from preschool…
11 March 2022

Report: Women face more obstacles than men in academia

The report Spotlight on gender equality: When insecurity overshadows everything show that women face more obstacles than men in their…
8 March 2022