There are still some temporary rules regarding unemployment insurance fund due to the pandemic. For the latest information, contact your unemployment insurance fund (a-kassa). Akademikernas a-kassa unemployment insurance fund has collected up-to-date information on the latest changes here (in Swedish).

Membership of an unemployment insurance fund (a-kassa)

SULF recommends that you join the AEA unemployment insurance fund as soon as possible if you are not already a member, and that you contact them if you have further questions about your unemployment insurance.

The SULF income insurance

As a member, you are also covered by SULF’s income insurance. To be eligible to receive compensation from the income insurance, you must have been a member of SULF for at least 12 months when you become unemployed, be entitled to income-related benefit from the unemployment insurance fund and have had a salary that exceeds the ceiling, which from April 13 is SEK 33,000 per month for 100 days. From day 101 you can receive compensation from the SULF income insurance if you have had an income of SEK 20,900 per month (from 29 June, you can receive compensation if your salary exceeds SEK 27 500 per month). Our insurance provides compensation for the first 150 days and gives you a total of around 80 per cent of your previous income, including the amount you receive from the unemployment insurance fund. The 150 day period begins on the first day of your unemployment . If your salary does not exceed SEK 33,000 per month but is over SEK 20,900 per month (SEK 27 500 from 29 June), you can receive compensation from the SULF income insurance for 50 days. Also, see below for information on how to receive compensation from the Job Security Foundation, Trygghetsstiftelsen, if you are eligible.

See here for more about our income insurance.

Supplementary income insurance cover

You can take out a supplementary insurance that covers an additional 150 days here. The supplementary insurance must be taken out no later than 12 months before the first day you become unemployed.

What do you do if you are also entitled to financial support from the Job Security Foundation (Trygghetsstiftelsen)?

If you are entitled to additional support from the Job Security Foundation, you must make an application to the Foundation through our transition agreement. The same applies if you have not worked in the state sector and are covered by another transition agreement, but in that case you apply to another job transition organisation.

If you are only entitled to 44 compensation days from the Foundation, (which applies if you have been employed on a fixed-term contract by the same employer for at least three consecutive years), you should start by applying for compensation at the Foundation. They will reimburse you for the first 44 days if you have had a salary above the maximum amount compensated for by the unemployment insurance fund, and you can then apply for compensation from the SULF income insurance. You can then receive compensation for up to 150 more days, making a total of up to 194 days. If you have taken out the supplementary insurance in time, you can receive compensation for up to a further 150 days through that.

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