SULF’s office on Ferkens gränd is closed for spontaneous visits. Service by phone and email is provided as usual.

Our switchboard and member’s support is open weekdays at 9-11.30. However, the SULF membership service is closed week 27, August…
28 June 2021
The government has proposed new legislation in line with the agreement on security, transition and employment protection that the social…
9 June 2021
What is income insurance and does it really make a difference? How do I apply and how much can I…
3 June 2021
The aim of this report was to examine the relationship between external funding, precarious employment and work environment. Interpretation of…
27 May 2021
What do I need to do and when? Are trade unions and unemployment insurance fund the same thing and do…
11 May 2021
Today researchers in higher education face great uncertainty. This is especially true for researchers who are at the beginning of…
11 March 2021
Most people in Sweden will be offerered vaccination during 2021. But what applies? Can your employer require you to be…
5 March 2021
On 1 January 2021, a new university president – Professor Melih Bulu – was appointed as a result of a…
12 January 2021
We have now concluded negotiations on changes to the central collective agreements and on continued collaboration between the central association…
4 December 2020
The parties to the collective agreement have submitted their demands ahead of the autumn negotiations, which according to the current…
23 September 2020
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