Academic careers can look so incredibly different. You might be a student with research ambitions; a doctoral candidate who is…
21 September 2020
We are currently living through a time when the safety and security of you and your loved ones is more…
16 June 2020
During the summer, the SULF telephone switchboard, member’s helpline and the membership service are open Monday to Friday 9-11.30. The…
15 June 2020
Education as an antidote to hostility to knowledge and resistance to facts is a decisive factor for constructive and democratic…
28 May 2020
A SULFinar is a webinar where we raise topics that are of interest to PhD candidates. Here you will find…
18 May 2020
The new temporary rules mean that the criteria for eligibility to receive unemployment benefit have been relaxed and that the…
2 April 2020
At some higher education institutions, lawyers have claimed that it is impossible to hold doctoral thesis defences as video conferences…
23 March 2020
We have collected some important questions and answers regarding the coronavirus. As information and recommendations are subject to change, we…
17 March 2020
In 2019, Saco-S discovered an error in some payroll systems. It has now been found that the error only affects…
10 March 2020
In December last year, SULF travelled to Turkey together with Saco and the National Union of Teachers in Sweden to…
24 February 2020
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