SULF membership fees 2019
In November 2018, it was decided by the SULF congress to increase the ordinary membership fee to SEK 250 per month from 1 January 1 2019. The fee for employed doctoral candidates remains unchanged at SEK 125 and the fee for retired members is still SEK 600 per year.

Clarification of e-mail regarding new amount drawn by direct debit
On January 22, an email about a change to the amount drawn by direct debit (autogiro) was sent to all members who pay their membership fee by this payment method. The e-mail lists, among other things, possible reasons for the change, including time-limited fee reductions, changes of membership category or that the previous month’s fee was not drawn as there was not enough money in the account. What was not mentioned in the e-mail is that the primary reason for the new amount is that the membership fee was increased by SEK 10 per month following a decision by the Congress.
If you have questions about your membership fee, you are contact the SULF membership service
Telephone: 08-505 836 00 (Monday to Friday, 9.00-11.30)

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