Doctoral candidate/doctoral studies

The timing of holidays may be regulated for those who are teachers or doctoral candidates at a state university. This is normally done through a local working hours agreement for teachers.

At many universities, there are standard holiday periods for students and teachers. This means that holiday is automatically taken during the summer, usually starting from the Monday after Midsummer, unless you come to an agreement otherwise in writing.

It is not unusual that information provided is inadequate as to what standard holiday means and the fact that you must apply to take your holidays at another time in order to prevent it being automatically scheduled in the summer.

Be aware that your local working hours agreement for teachers states standard holidays, especially if you are a doctoral candidate. Sometimes doctoral candidates miss out on taking their holiday as they work through the summer, unaware that the standard holiday applies.

To find out about how the standard holiday applies at your university, please contact your local
Saco-S association or the university human resources department.

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