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GU: You can always work some more?

SULF, together with Saco-S at Gothenburg university, welcomes you to a seminar, and lecture focusing on teachers working hours.

Since January 2023 teacher at Gothenburg university is bound by a new agreement on working hours. To capture questions and thoughts about the agreement, SULF and Saco-S invite you to a lecture and seminar on working hours with SULF's ombudsman Catrine Folcker.

The lecture focuses on dilemmas that can appear between passion driven work, demands from the employer, and stress. How do we as university teachers relate to working hours and the culture around working hours in our daily work

That lecture is followed by coffee, and time for questions and thoughts from the audience about the local working time agreement and other topics that might be of interest to bring up with the members from the Saco-S council, and SULF:s local board at Gothenburg university.

Link to agreement: https://medarbetarportalen.gu.se/digitalAssets/1805/1805507_lokalt-arbetstidsavtal-f--r-l--rare---fr.o.m.-2023-01-01.pdf
(For an English translation of the agreement send your question to your department)

Room: 2256 R.Sandberg,
Medicinaregatan 7

Tuesday, September 19th


Kl. 12.15 -13.45 (12.15 pm- 1.45pm)

Register here.

For more information contact fredric.gunve@gu.se