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KTH: lunch seminar on copyright protection

Who owns the copyright to a university teacher’s recorded lecture? Can your employer replace you with lectures that you have recorded during the corona pandemic? What happens to your teaching material and your research data if you move to another university?

The issues regarding university employees’ new work situation, with increasing amounts of digitalisation, are many and complex. The corona pandemic meant that we took large steps into the world of digital remote learning very quickly. Furthermore, it has become increasingly common for higher education institutions to try to secure the usage rights to material that teachers and researchers produce at work, making intellectual property rights a more burning issue than ever.

Time: Tuesday 18 April, 12-13
Place: K1 at KTH
Register: please register below no later than 11 April

SULF offers a simpler lunch (e.g. salad or wrap).

Seminar leader: Sanna Wolk. Sanna Wolk is the President of SULF and a professor of law, specialising in intellectual property. Her publication on copyright protection for university teachers can be downloaded or ordered in printed form here (in Swedish).

After the lecture, there is an opportunity to meet Sanna and ask about SULF’s work.

The seminar is held in English.


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