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Linköping: Postdoc Day 2017

Postdoc Day 2017

What you should know about your postdoctoral experience

Friday 17th November 2017
Vallfarten, Campus Valla, Linköping University


  • 10:00 – 10:15: Welcome: Welcome to the PostDoc Day over a cup of coffee
  • 10:15 – 11:00: Sverker Lundin, VR representative (Senior Research Officer) The Swedish Research Council’s (Vetenskapsrådet) international postdoc grant and other forms of funding
  • 11:00 – 12:00: Åsa Rybo Landelius, officer, SULF: What different kinds of fixed-term employment are there in the academia? What happens when a fixed-term employment comes to an end? (Unemployment fund & income insurance.)
  • 12:00 – 13:15: Lunch sandwich
  • 13:15 – 15:00: Robert Andersson, chief negotiator, SULF: What rules apply to applying for scholarships / employment (VR). What about unemployment insurance and social insurance (sickness and parental benefits) during and after a postdoc – depending on employment or scholarship, EU or outside EU? What to consider before going and what happens after a postdoc? What merit value does a postdoc have?
  • 15:00 – 15:30: Questions around a coffee
  • 15:30 – 16:00: Anna Eklöf: Story telling of a LiU employee who was a postdoc abroad: Anna is now a lecturer in theoretical biology at LiU and has done a post-doc in Chicago where she took her family a few years ago.

For registration and information please send an email to before the 15th November.

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