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Gothenburg, digital seminar: Postdoc - in Sweden and abroad


Welcome to the digital seminar “Postdoc – in Sweden and abroad”. Robert Andersson, chief negotiator at SULF, holds the seminar in English.

Date: Tuesday 1st of June
Time: 16-18
Link to the meeting:

The lecture covers

  • Social insurance after a postdoc in Sweden or abroad
  • Unemployment insurance after a postdoc in Sweden or abroad
  • Rules for postdoc employment in Sweden
  • How to be able to stay in Sweden after a postdoc
  • National registration in Sweden
  • Additional insurances you might need
  • What is it like to be abroad on a postdoc? A postdoctoral researcher who currently is abroad (international postdoc) will share some of their experiences and answer questions.

Arranged by SULF/Gothenburg University.