About SULF

We know higher education – higher education is our area.

SULF is a member of the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (Saco), whose members are professionals with university or college education..

SULF has:

  • More than 20 000 members.
  • SULF has local bodies at all the universities and major colleges. At some of these, SULF also employs a local ombudsman.
  • Local union representatives at many institutions.

To ensure your professional interests, SULF has a number of sections devoted entirely to the interests and needs of professors, senior lecturers and researchers, lecturers and doctoral candidates.

  • SDF – doctoral candidates
  • SPF – professors
  • SUAF – lecturers
  • ULF – senior lecturers and researchers


SULF is created by academic teachers and researchers. The main focus is on the members. Please contact  your local SULF-association for more information.

SULFs organisationeng


The Congress is the supreme governing body of SULF. The congress consists of 101 members and convenes every three years. The congress elects the President, First, Second and Third Deputy Presidents of the Association and members of the board.

Next Congress is 22-23 November 2018.

Kongressprotokoll 2015  (in Swedish only)

The SULF board

The board consists of fifteen regular members and five deputy members. Within the board there is a president, first, second and third deputy presidents Mats Ericson is president. Contact details to the board.

Nominations Committee and Remuneration Board

Nominations Committee 2016-2018:

Remuneration Board 2016-2018: 

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