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Income insurance
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Income insurance

If you are a member of SULF, income insurance is included in your membership. In order to receive this benefit you must be entitled to income-related benefits from a Swedish a-kassa, for example Akademikernas a-kassa. So you need to be a member of both SULF and Akademikernas a-kassa in order to take advantage of this insurance.

SULF income insurance is one of the best

This insurance scheme is particularly suited to the challenges SULF members encounter in their academic careers. In the other income insurance schemes, periods on scholarships or full-time doctoral studies with no employment position cause problems, but we have anticipated these situations and you are able to disregard certain periods which improves your chances of receiving benefits. We also maximize your potential to combine support from the Job Security Foundation with SULF income insurance. For example if you are entitled to 44 days of benefit from the Job Security Foundation, you can then carry on with all 150 days of SULF income insurance.

The state Transition Agreement

As a state employee, you get support from the Job Security Foundation by qualifying under the collective Transition Agreement. If you have the right to top up your unemployment insurance benefits from the Job Security Foundation (TRR), these benefits must be claimed first. When this support is concluded you can then receive benefits from the SULF income insurance. Read more about the Transition Agreement.

How are benefits calculated?

SULF income insurance requires membership of both SULF and a Swedish a-kassa, for example Akademikernas a-kassa.

Benefits from SULF income insurance are based on Akademikernas a-kassa estimates and your eligibility for income-related unemployment benefit. In order to receive income-related benefits from Akademikernas a-kassa, you must have been a member of Akademikernas a-kassa  (or other Swedish a-kassa) for the last 12 months and have been employed for at least six of these.

Income-related benefits bring a maximum of 80% of SEK 33 000 per month before tax from Akademikernas a-kassa. This applies to the first 100 days. Then maximum benefits are reduced to the equivalent of 80% of SEK 20 900 per month.

SULF income insurance means that you receive about 80% of your actual salary (up to SEK 80 000 per month) for 150 days.

Income insurance in brief:

  • Included in your SULF membership. No registration or extra charges.
  • Tops up Akademikernas a-kassa benefits so you receive up to 80% of your salary up to a monthly salary of SEK 80 000.
  • Benefits are paid for a maximum of 150 days.
  • Benefits are paid after a waiting period of seven days of unemployment.
  • Qualifying period 12 months as a SULF member.
  • For you to receive these benefits you must be eligible for income-related benefits from Akademikernas a-kassa so you must have been a member of Akademikernas a-kassa for at least 12 months at the very beginning of the unemployment period. Read more on the Akademikernas a-kassa website. If you are not a member we strongly recommend that you immediately become a member, apply for membership here.
    • The qualification period of one year’s membership must be completed before the beginning of the unemployment period, (first compensation date). This means that you will not be able to receive payment from the income insurance if you become unemployed before you have fulfilled the one-year membership requirement, even if you continue to be unemployed after the qualification date.
    • You cannot be granted income insurance if you resign yourself and receive a period of suspension from the unemployment fund. Read more at the website of Akademikernas a-kassa.
  • If you are entitled to financial support from the Job Security Foundation or equivalent, these benefits must be used up before you can claim benefits from SULF income insurance.
  • If you are covered by more than one income insurance, choose which income insurance that will apply to you.
  • You may only receive benefits from one income insurance scheme at a time. This means either topping up from the Job Security Foundation or SULF income insurance or some other income insurance you are entitled to.

Read more about SULF income insurance, benefits levels and Frequently Asked Questions here.