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Personal data

Information on processing of personal data

The Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers (SULF) respects your privacy and your right to control your personal data. This Personal Data Policy describes the aim and purposes for which we collect information, the legal basis for our processing of it, the way in which individuals can gain control over their own information and how to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our processing of your personal data. This Personal Data Policy applies, for example, when you use our site or seek membership of the Association. SULF is the organisation responsible for your personal data in accordance with these conditions and is responsible for processing it according to current legislation. It is important that you read and understand this Personal Data Policy before, for example, applying for membership in SULF.

All processing of personal data within SULF is carried out in accordance with relevant personal data legislation. Within the EU/EEA, from 25 May 2018, the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) applies.

What is personal data?

Personal data is an item of information that can be linked directly or indirectly, together with other information, to a specific individual. Examples of personal data include name, address, phone number, personal registration number and e-mail address. Also, information about the IP number used and your user activity when on our website may constitute personal data.

Personal data processing includes all management of personal data, such as collection, analysis, modification, registration or storage.


Purpose and legal basis for processing

SULF will use the data you provide to administer your membership, safeguard your interests and fulfil the obligations SULF has undertaken as concerns all its members.

Consequently, when applicable, SULF processes your personal data so that you can:

  • Get advice and support on matters concerning your salary and employment situation, on issues that are closely related to them and in other professional matters.
  • Gain legal assistance in the form of representation in negotiations, in court proceedings and in court-like processes.
  • Obtain the rights you are entitled to according to collective agreements.
  • Enjoy the income insurance as well as the pre-protection and special offer regarding personal insurance that is included in membership.
  • Receive Association newsletter, membership information and the like.
  • Participate in training, seminars and other membership meetings.
  • Pay the correct level of membership fees.
  • If you have double union membership, be represented by one of the unions you are a member of and pay the correct membership fee.

For this processing, our legal basis is to fulfil the contract that membership entails and/or to fulfil certain legal obligations SULF has undertaken, for example collective agreements.

Consequently, SULF also processes, when applicable, your personal data to:

  • Implement collective bargaining.
  • Perform membership surveys.
  • Carry out questionnaire distribution regarding salary data.
  • Produce salary statistics and statistics on unemployment.
  • Determine the allocation of delegates at the annual general meeting of the Akademikernas a-kassa unemployment insurance fund.

For this processing, the legal basis is to fulfil the contract that membership entails in order to fulfil certain legal obligations SULF has undertaken and/or production of data of general interest that the union performs.

Recipients of data

For the above-mentioned purposes, SULF may provide the data to others. When applicable, information is provided to the following recipients:

  • Employers – for example in connection with local salary reviews or other union negotiations.
  • SPAR – for retrieval of address details.
  • The insurance company that the union cooperates with in relation to income insurance and personal insurance.
  • Job Security Foundation (TRR) and corresponding transition organizations.
  • Printing and distribution companies – as concerns the association magazine and other printed matter.
  • Other trade unions that SULF cooperates with and negotiating organizations, such as Saco-S to which SULF belongs. SULF may bear joint personal data liability with such a negotiating body.
  • Saco.
  • To suppliers of IT support employed by the Association.
  • For processing and storage of documents on external archives in accordance with the SULF archive plan.

How we protect your personal data

Use your Bank ID to log in to My Pages and the Union Rep Pages. This will prevent any unauthorized access to your information.

Storage period

SULF will delete your personal data in accordance with Association routines when the purposes for which processing is made are no longer applicable.

Your rights

You are entitled to receive information about the processing underway, to have your personal data corrected, in certain cases to have data deleted, to require that in certain cases processing is restricted, in some cases oppose processing and the right to what is known as data portability. Your rights are stated in the GDPR, Articles 15-18, 20, 21, 22. Read more about your rights on the Swedish Data Protection Authority website, The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection’s (IMY).

Course and event administration

SULF will use the information you provide for the administration of the current course/event only.

SULF saves the information you provide on course notification for future administration. This is so that SULF can check that you have not already attended the course you have signed up for and, in some cases, whether you are authorized to attend the course you have registered for. If you agree to this, the information will also be used to send you targeted offerings.

SULF saves the information you provide in the event application in order to send you documentation after the event.

For processing, the legal basis is balance of interest and agreements/contracts.

SULF processes data on allergies or other food preferences only after prior consent has been obtained.

Personal data in emails

SULF uses emails as working tools and processes all incoming emails.

SULF avoids the use of sensitive personal data and personal registration numbers in emails as far as possible. SULF recommends that you do the same when you mail them.

In outgoing emails, SULF avoids writing about a third person in order to meet its data management  obligations. As its point of departure, SULF never writes about a third person in such a way that the text cannot be revealed to the person concerned. SULF only writes about individuals who are not participating in the communication in exceptional cases, for example. in discussions about whether a particular person should be invited as a lecturer.

If SULF receives emails containing such information about a third person that the union considers that that this individual should be informed of this personal data processing, the union will inform the sender of this and invite the sender to inform the third person. SULF will not seek the third person’s contact information.

SULF does not save emails containing personal information in its mail system. Assessments are based on the content of the email and, if the email is to be saved, this will be done either in the union’s matter management system or on a secure server.

SULF processing of personal data on social media

SULF deletes posts, comments, links and publications which, in our opinion, are offensive, insulting, aim to market or discredit other activities or involve copyright infringement or criminal activity. Please let us know immediately if you note the presence any such information. If anyone regularly posts such information, we may expel him/her from the platform.

When you post questions and comments on our site, you are not permitted to share sensitive information about other people. Sensitive information includes, for example, union affiliation, sexual orientation, religion etc. Use the tagging feature to tell other people about our posts – then they will receive the information that their names are on our site.

Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are the primary responsible parties for processing your personal data on their platforms. However, SULF is responsible for certain processing that occurs on their pages, and that is why we would like to inform you about how we handle personal data.

Right to lodge complaints

You are entitled to file a complaint with the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection’s (IMY) regarding SULF processing of your personal data. Read more at The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection’s (IMY).

Information required to become a member of the union

In order to become a member of SULF, you must provide us with the data we request on the membership application form.

Automated decision making

If you have provided us with information about the date you graduate, your fee will be changed from a reduced fee to the regular fee from this date. The increase will be automatic unless you notify us of any change of date.

Responsible for Personal Data

SULF is the organisation responsible for the processing of the data provided in this application. Contact information for SULF is as follows:

Ferkens gränd 4
111 30 Stockholm
08-505 836 00 (exchange)

Data Protection Officer

The overall and most important task of the Data Protection Officer is to ensure that the organisation responsible for personal data complies with the Data Protection Ordinance. The Data Protection Officer will also act as the contact point for the individuals registered and the staff within the organization and collaborate with the Swedish Data Protection Authority, for example during inspections.

E-mail: Dataskyddsombud.sulf@sweco.se

Updated 2018-07-06