The SULF Doctoral Candidate Association is the PhD candidate association of SULF, a politically and religiously independent union. We strive to make your voice heard in our mission to improve the working conditions for PhD candidates at Swedish Universities.

Call for nominations to the board 2021-2022

The Nomination Committee is now looking for those who are interested in becoming a board member of The SULF Doctoral Candidate Association for 2021 – 2022.

Just fill in the form here and the nominations committee will come back to you!

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About SULF's Doctoral Candidate Association

We are working for approximately 3,450 PhD members by monitoring labor issues, employment terms, admissions, equality, the post-doctorate labor market and the quality of the PhD education. Our activities derive equally from our democratic statutes and activity plan; accessible through this site.

As a member of SULF, you are given the opportunity to engage with others in the struggle that is union work, and help with improving local conditions. You also get access to a helpline for navigating the jungle of Swedish laws and regulations, offers of membership services abroad, a salary research tool, access to fair insurance, the SULF magazine, get the latest PhD news and more.

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The SULF Doctoral Candidate Association board 2020-2021

The Board was elected at the annual general meeting held in May 2020. Please contact us if you have any questions or information that you think would be of interest to the board. You can contact us though our mutual e-mail.

  • Erik Bergenholtz,  ordförande, Blekinge Institute of Technology
  • Juanita Vélez Olivera, vice chair, Umeå University

Ordinary board members:

  • Amineh Ghaderi, Karolinska Institutet
  • Azeem Ahmad, Linköping University
  • Tim Roberts, Karlstad University
  • Sara Berglund, Stockholm University
  • Ryszard Bobrowicz, Lunds University
  • Khaled Elsamman Ahmed, Gothenburg University
  • Nataša Vukelić, Stockholm University
  • Niki Matinrad, Linköping University

Alternate board members:

  • Asif Huq, Dalarna University
  • Larysa Aleksenko, Lunds University
  • Lukas Löfling, Karolinska Institutet

Nomination Committee

Per Boström
Parisa Aasi
Benny Borghei
Sharmin Söderström
Asreen Rostami

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