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The SULF Association of Doctoral Candidates, SDF

The SULF:s Association of Doctoral Candidates (SDF) is the PhD section of SULF, a politically and religiously independent union. We strive to make your voice heard in our mission to improve the working conditions for PhD candidates at Swedish Universities.

About SDF

We are working for approximately 3,450 PhD members by monitoring labor issues, employment terms, admissions, equality, the post-doctorate labor market and the quality of the PhD education. Our activities derive equally from our democratic statutes and activity plan; accessible through this site. During 2017, we focus particularly on terms of employment and career paths in all activities that we carry out. The chairperson of SDF is Anna Ilar, who was elected at our annual general meeting in November 2016.

As a member of SULF, you are given the opportunity to engage with others in the struggle that is union work, and help with improving local conditions. You also get access to a helpline for navigating the jungle of Swedish laws and regulations, offers of membership services abroad, a salary research tool, access to fair insurance, the SULF magazine, get the latest PhD news and more.

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The SDF board 2016/2017

The Board was elected at the annual general meeting held in November 2016. Please contact us if you have any questions or information that you think would be of interest to the board. You can contact us either individually or though our mutual e-mail.

Anna Ilar, Chair of Board, Karolinska Institutet, e-mail
I am doctoral candidate at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, with an educational background in public health and epidemiology. I care for occupational health issues and believe that fair employment terms and equal conditions for all PhD candidates is an important foundation for a good working environment. I was elected Chair of SDF November 18 2015.I joined SULF because it is the only association which truly knows academia and is targeting university teachers, researchers and doctoral candidates. By being a member of the SDF Board I am able to make a change and improve the working conditions for PhD candidates in Sweden.

Reza Salim, Vice Chair, Mid Sweden University, e-mail
I graduated in November 2016 on semiconductor physics, Radiation Detectors and Radiation Imaging Techniques. My interests are to build strong networks between doctoral candidates from different universities with different research backgrounds. These networks can be potential platforms for knowledge bridging which will create opportunities for collaborative and also, cross-disciplinary research. Improving the working conditions and environment for the doctoral candidates, is one of my major concerns. I joined SULF, because, SULF is the best choice to be actively involved to work with these issues and make changes.

Megan Case, Secretary, Dalarna University, e-mail
I am in the last year of my PhD studies in the Research School in Technology-Mediated Knowledge processes, a collaboration between Dalarna University and Örebro University. My research is on how adults learn foreign languages in technology-rich environments. I think that being an active union member is important in general to ensure that every employee has fair working conditions, and as a member of the SDF board I am particularly motivated by issues like PhD candidates’ mental and physical health and the problems faced by international PhD candidates in Sweden.

Per Boström, Umeå University, e-mail
I am a PhD candidate in Linguistics at Umeå University, and nearing the end of my doctoral studies that started in 2012. My thesis is about how we talk about love in Swedish, and specifically the metaphors we use.

I’m passionate about work environment and equal conditions regarding doctoral candidates. It is important to create good working conditions, so that PhD’s can manage all demands placed on them, demands coming from many different directions. We need to create a working environment that is safe, rewarding and supportive for everyone in academia, but primarily for PhD’s. I have since the beginning of my doctoral studies been a board member, and for a period chairman, of the PhD association at the Faculty of Arts at Umeå University (HumDok), where we are constantly monitoring and working towards improving doctoral rights, equal treatment and working environment. I chose SULF because it really is the only union that knows academia well enough to be able to assist its members in the best way.

Rikard Einegard, Malmö University, e-mail  

Gui Hong Cao (Annie), KTH, e-mail

Behbood Borghei (Benny), Linköping University, e-mail
I’m a 4th year PhD candidate and my research is about technology management and innovation policies. I have a multidisciplinary educational and working background in a number of engineering and management fields. I have been involved in student representation at both undergraduate and graduate studies. At the postgraduate level I was also actively involved in organizing social events, running local PhD networks as well as improving the conditions for PhD candidates with residence permit and other similar issues. I truly believe in the valuable work of unions and collective endeavors as one of the fundamental principles of democracy and I would be happy to represent my colleagues’ voices at different decision making levels within the academic environment. During my time in the SDF board I am planning to work further with issues related to international PhD candidates such as inclusion of Swedish courses as part of PhD education as well as having a continuous dialogue with Migrationsverket to facilitate the processes for obtaining residence permit and Swedish citizenship. I am also open to your ideas, suggestions and insights! Please do not hesitate to email, call or drop by!

Election Committee

Jeanette Lindberg, Gothenburg University, e-mail

Jenny Sullivan Hellgren, Umeå University, e-mail

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