For the first time a study has been conducted on the prevalence and consequences of threats and harassment against researchers…
4 July 2022
New report from SFS-DK and SULF-DCA presents stories of PhD candidates who have been personally affected by the new legislation.…
16 March 2022
The report Spotlight on gender equality: When insecurity overshadows everything show that women face more obstacles than men in their…
8 March 2022
The aim of this report was to examine the relationship between external funding, precarious employment and work environment. Interpretation of…
27 May 2021
Today researchers in higher education face great uncertainty. This is especially true for researchers who are at the beginning of…
11 March 2021
Education as an antidote to hostility to knowledge and resistance to facts is a decisive factor for constructive and democratic…
28 May 2020
Short version of the report Ett spel för galleriet – om anställningsprocesser i akademin Authors: Anna Lundgren, Git Claesson Pipping…
30 October 2019
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