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The shadow of uncertainty: external funding, precarious employment and work environment in higher education

osäkerheten överskugga allt

The aim of this report was to examine the relationship between external funding, precarious employment and work environment. Interpretation of the results needs to take into account that it was a sample of people that responded, which may in some way be distorted. However, the combination of questionnaires to many people and in-depth interviews with a smaller number reinforces to some degree the assumption that the results reflect reality relatively well.

The results of the surveys and interviews paint a picture of a work situation that is insecure in many ways. External funding and precarious employment positions contribute to this uncertainty in a number of ways. There are many indications that this insecurity has consequences that are negative not only for the individual researcher and university teacher, but also for the work that is to be carried out and thus for the higher education institutions.

In summary, the report identifies risks in the work environment in relation to both external funding and precarious employment.
  • The main way to prevent these risks is to reduce the insecurity created by external funding and the existing conditions for different forms of employment.

If this is not possible, the likely negative consequences of insecurity should be minimized, for example by:

  • Providing more breathing space; examining actual workloads in relation to the actual time available – for everyone, regardless of employment form and financing.

The full report - in Swedish
Short version of the report - in Swedish
Short version of the report - in English


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