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The government is passing the buck and putting up a smokescreen

In its Research Bill, the government declared that it was important to increase the proportion of foreign doctoral candidates who…
12 October 2021
bild på mats ericson, förbundsordförande i SULF

Solidarity – the foundation of all trade union work

Lars-Åke Lööv, second vice president, SULF Solidarity was the key issue when the first trade union associations were founded, and it…
19 December 2016

Academic freedom increasingly restricted

Mats Ericson, chair of SULF The free search for knowledge requires university teachers and researchers to be unfettered. These freedoms…
21 November 2016

Swedish research policies are stuck at status quo

Håkan Lindkvist,  First Deputy Chair SULF   Now we are almost there and the proof will be in the pudding.…
24 October 2016

For the sake of science, we must dare to criticise!

Mats Ericson, Chair of SULF Sten Heckscher indicates – quite rightly – that current research policy is a prerequisite, and…
26 September 2016

This is how SULF contributes to the global development of research

2nd Deputy Chair of SULF   The problems facing humanity know no boundaries. We all know that economic crises, social…
6 June 2016

Barriers for women in both USA and Sweden

Helén Persson, 3:e. ordförande för SULF It is useful to change perspective sometimes. What if it were the opposite? John…
25 April 2016

Clearly-defined career paths  - a win/win situation

“…good working conditions and more secure employment positions must be offered.” The Research Career Report will shortly be presented. The…
22 March 2016

Basic government grants must form the long-term foundation

Mats Ericson, SULF chair SULF has recently been given the opportunity to submit comments on the report Research Quality Evaluation…
15 February 2016

A gender equal Research Bill is a question of quality

In this sector, it is a widely-recognised  truth that the balance between direct and internal research resources must be altered.…
16 November 2015