Sanna Wolk’s debate contribution in SvD on 29th of Januari is mentioned in University World Wews: “The migration agency was…
SULF in the media
3 February 2023
SULF:s presiden Sanna Wolk is quoted in an article in University World News: “The governmental platform is a threat to…
SULF in the media
21 January 2023
Fewer and fewer Swedish students are choosing to study for a doctorate, and many foreign doctoral candidates in Sweden leave…
6 May 2022
SULF:s Robert Andersson is being interviewed: -The problem is that the politicians have been so focused on how to handle…
SULF in the media
20 September 2021
This is a translation of a debate article in Swedish, ”Nya migrations­regler kan orsaka forskar­flykt”. The Swedish article was published…
SULF in the media
26 August 2021
Sweden’s new migration act imposes tough conditions for permanent residency. Jenny Iao-Jörgensen and Benny Borghei of the Swedish Association of…
SULF in the media
20 August 2021
SULF has written a debate article in the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet together with Sveriges Ingenjörer, the Swedish Association…
SULF in the media
7 April 2021
University World News: New migration law set to ‘drive foreign researchers away’
SULF in the media
18 February 2021
A significant proportion of PhD candidates are offered their position before it is publicly advertised, a new survey from Sweden’s…
SULF in the media
17 September 2020
The SULF report on rigged academic positions at Swedish universities is mentioned by University World News: Minister tells universities to…
SULF in the media
25 May 2018
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