Trade union membership fees are tax deductible for fees paid up to and including March 2019. The deduction takes the…
28 January 2020
The Swedish-English dictionary for higher education from The Swedish Council for Higher Education, UHR, includes over 1700 entries. It’s possible…
15 January 2020
On 1 October 2020, new rules will be introduced regarding payment of the selectable part of the state occupational pension.…
28 November 2019
Saco-S and the Swedish Agency for Government Employers have agreed on amendments to Villkorsavtal-T, Affärsverksavtal-T and Chefsavtalet as a result…
13 November 2019
Our Turkish colleagues accused of terrorism in 2016 have been released. We learned the good news from the Turkish trade…
11 September 2019
From July 1 2019, SULF will have a new internal organisation structure. The purpose of the change is to generate…
20 June 2019
SULF is in Almedalen, Visby, during week 27. We arrange seminars and debate higher education. Read more about almedalsveckan here.
30 June 2016
1 June 2016
  After the autonomy reform in 2011, much of the legal basis for collegial influence has been removed and it…
Consultation response
2 March 2016
Last week’s meeting of the national board of SULF was meant to focus on the future and on SULF:s upcoming…
2 November 2015

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