We are delighted that you have chosen SULF as your union and professional organisation. Are you interested in further commitment? There are many different levels of activity. SULF needs a strong voice, centrally and locally.

  • SULF´s members are divided into four sections. Contact the chair of your section – contact details
    1. professors (Sweden has only full professors), SPF
    2. researchers (formerly “docents”, equivalent to associate professors), SUAF
    3. senior lecturers (a PhD is required for these positions); researchers and senior lecturers have the same title and employment at a university or college, ULF
    4. doctoral candidates, SDF
  • SULF has local associations at all universities and major colleges. These are an important part of SULF since they are in direct contact with our members at universities. We are looking for members who would like to increase their commitment. Contact you local associations for more information.
  • As a member, you may influence what SULF does by, for example, submitting motions to the SULF Congress and/or contact the SULF board directly. 

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