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Increase your commitment to SULF

We are delighted that you have chosen SULF as your union and professional organisation. Are you interested in further commitment? There are many different levels of activity. SULF needs a strong voice, centrally and locally.

Local associations

SULF has local associations at all universities and major colleges. These are an important part of SULF since they are in direct contact with our members at universities. We are looking for members who would like to increase their commitment. Contact your local associations for more information.

Some of the local associations has their own web page, you find links to them here (in Swedish).

SULF Doctoral Candidate Association

As a doctoral candidate SULF Doctoral Candidate Association is a forum for you. You can contact SULF Doctoral Candidate Association chair here.

Influence what SULF does

As a member, you may influence what SULF does by, for example, submitting motions SULF board or to the SULF Congress by sending it to Maria Mattiasson.