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Lund: Academic working life under threat?

The conditions under which university teachers and researchers are working in Sweden are changing. A broad array of challenges – some emerging from government policy, some from university management decisions, some from broader shifts in the culture and composition of the student body and faculty – are coalescing to bring academic employees under an increased level of pressure, (potentially) limiting the scope for academics to freely research and educate. Challenges highlighted by staff members include:

  • A more commercialised university system.
  • Rising limitations on funding.
  • An increase in the burden of administrative tasks.
  • Greater concerns regarding intellectual property rights.
  • A politicisation of research grant allocation.
  • Increased pressure over teaching curriculum from students.
  • Short-sighted approaches to research evaluations .
  • New security threats, both within and outside the university.

How is Lund University dealing with these challenges? How are the trade unions working to support members? How can we best work together to address these issues and concerns and thereby contribute to the positive development of our university? What can we learn from the experiences of other universities and trade unions in Europe?

Join us for a special guest panel discussion featuring the following speakers:

  • Jimmie Kristensson, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Lund University
  • Sanna Wolk, Chair of The Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers (SULF)
  • Jens Vraa-Jensen, former-Chair of European Trade Union Committee for Education - Higher Education and Research Standing Committee (ETUCE-HERSC)

Followed by a Q&A and open discussion where you can have your say in influencing how the university and union work towards a better research and teaching environment for all!

Time: 15.15-17.00.
Venue: The Fernström room at Forum Medicum
Register: Please register below to get free coffee/tea

The seminar is organized by SULF/Lund and the Saco-S-council at LU