Uppsala: seminar on gender-based violence and sexual harassment


SULF/Uppsala and Saco-S at Uppsala University invites you to a seminar on the first-ever national survey on gender-based violence and sexual harassment in Swedish higher education.

The results of this survey, published in May, reveal an alarming picture of the work environment at Swedish universities with:

  • four percent of respondents reporting sexual harassment,
  • seven percent bullying and
  • approximately 50 percent incivility in the workplace during the previous year.

At Uppsala University, 21 percent of female doctoral students reported being targeted by bullying.

The survey results have been published here:
Swedish: https://ki.se/media/246914/download
English summary: https://ki.se/media/247264/download

The seminar is designed to inform union members about the survey and to give perspectives from the union on the results.

A presentation by the researchers who led the study, Christina Björklund and Karin Dahlman-Wright from the Karolinska Institute, will be followed by a panel discussion with representatives from Saco-S and SULF. The presentation will be held in Swedish, but the discussion afterwards will be flexible, with both English and Swedish used as needed.

When: Wednesday, August 24 at 13:15-15:00
Where: Bertil Hammarsalen, Blåsenhus, Uppsala university
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Coffee and tea will be served after the seminar.


  • Christina Björklund, Associate Professor and Research Leader, Karolinska Institute
  • Karin Dahlman-Wright, Professor and Program Leader, Karolinska Institute
  • Robert Malmgren, Chair of Saco-S at Uppsala University
  • Paulina Rajkowsa, Chair of the SULF Doctoral Candidate Association