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Uppsala universitet: Doctoral candidates' rights, responsibilities and representation


The Swedish Association for University Teachers and Researchers (SULF) at Uppsala University and Doktorandnämnden invite you to a seminar in English on your rights and responsibilities as a doctoral candidate (PhD student)We will discuss supervision, the individual study plan, expenses, prolongation, how collective agreements work, how we as PhD students are represented in boards and committees, and how we can get help when things go wrong.

Date: May 24, 2022
Time: 13.15-15.00
Link to the seminar: a link to the seminar will be sent to you after registration.
Registration: Please register by filling in the form below.

The seminar will include the following speakers:

  • Oliver Degerstedt will introduce the Doctoral Board (Doktorandnämnden, DN), which is the doctoral candidates’ representation in the Uppsala Student Unions. Oliver is the chair of DN.
  • Paulina Rajkowska will present SULF, which is the largest trade union at Uppsala University. Paulina is the chair of the doctoral candidate association within SULF.
  • Robert Malmgren, chair of Saco-S at Uppsala University, will give a presentation about collective agreements relevant for PhD students and talk about work environment matters related to being a PhD student.

After the presentations, there will be time for your questions and discussions. We hope to see you!


SULF at Uppsala University and Doktorandnämnden

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