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New SULF publication: On academic freedom

The academic freedom is constantly challenged. It needs constitutional protection. Read more in the SULF publication On academic freedom. Academic…
13 April 2023

SFS, SUHF and SULF demand constitutional protection for the freedom of higher education

Joint statement on constitutional protection for the freedom of higher education  Free academia, a free judiciary and a free press…
29 November 2022

Report: The Aliens in Academia

New report from SFS-DK and SULF-DCA presents stories of PhD candidates who have been personally affected by the new legislation.…
16 March 2022

Report: Women face more obstacles than men in academia

The report Spotlight on gender equality: When insecurity overshadows everything show that women face more obstacles than men in their…
8 March 2022

SULF supports Bogazici University

Update March 14th 2022: Sign the petition  The Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers, SULF, has on 1 March…
1 March 2022

SULF shows solidarity with Ukraine

SULF stands united with teachers’ organisations across Europe and the world in solidarity and support for colleagues, students and the…
25 February 2022

The new Aliens Act: Joint statement

Saco, SULF, SULF:s doktorandförening and TCO, ST, SFS and SFS-DK have signed a joint statement about the aliens act. The statement…
18 October 2021

The government is passing the buck and putting up a smokescreen

In its Research Bill, the government declared that it was important to increase the proportion of foreign doctoral candidates who…
12 October 2021
bild på mats ericson, förbundsordförande i SULF

PhD-students greatly concerned over new residence permit rules

SULF:s Robert Andersson is being interviewed: -The problem is that the politicians have been so focused on how to handle…
SULF in the media
20 September 2021

Take Action for Afghanistan’s scholars, researchers, and civil society actors

SULF has signed an appeal to European governments and EU institutions to take immediate action to secure the lives and…
31 August 2021