A technical mishap between SULF and Folksam has resulted in a number of members being wrongly informed that their membership in SULF has ended and thus the insurance has ended. It is only those who themselves ended their SULF membership where this applies. More information here.

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UU: seminar about pensions and extra annual meeting


SULF/Uppsala will host an extra annual meeting to fill a vacancy in its election committee (1 member). This event will be held together with a seminar on the Swedish pension system.

Date: May 15
Time: 13.00 - 14.15 Seminar about the Swedish pension system + fika
14.30- 15.00 annual meeting
Location: Blåsenhus (Eva Netzelius-salen) och Campus Gotland, sal E41

Following the seminar, the extra annual meeting will begin at 14.30. Candidates to fill the seat on the election committee can be (self-)nominated during the meeting. Afterwards, a closed ballot election will determine the new member of the election committee.

The elected person will work together with the two other members of the election committee to interview potential future board members and prepare a proposal for the SULF/Uppsala board in 2025.

Are you interested in becoming involved with the union? Then join our extra annual meeting, meet the SULF/Uppsala board and other SULF members, and maybe even take the opportunity to candidate for this office.

A proper announcement including location and agenda of the meeting will follow soon.

Do you have questions or would like to learn more about working with the union? Then feel free to get in touch with our chair Michael Papenbrock, michael.papenbrock@physics.uu.se

Kindest regards,
the SULF/Uppsala board