Academic freedom is under threat in many parts of the world today. Threats can come in various forms, such as increased state control of the kind seen in Hungary, Poland, Russia and Turkey. They can also originate in other sectors of society, as with social media hate campaigns against individual researchers. A better understanding of these mechanisms is needed in order to counteract such threats.

With the aim of contributing to a deeper understanding, SULF/Uppsala invites you to two seminars on this topic. The first examines the problem in an international perspective. The second seminar (on October 22) focuses on the situation in Sweden. Invited speakers will share theoretical knowledge of the topic as well as practical experiences. This event will be held in Zoom.

Date: 7 October (SULF Day)

Time: 15.15-16.30

Language: English

Guest speakers:

  • Inan Özdermir Tastan, Ph.D. in Communication Studies
  • Onur Can Tastan, Ph.D. in Labor Market Economics and Industrial Relations

Dr. Inan Özdermir Tastan och Dr. Onur Can Tastan have both held positions at Ankara University but were dismissed after signing a petition calling for negotiations to end violence toward Kurds in southeastern Turkey. In 2020, Inan Özdermir Tastan was Barbro Klein Fellow at the Swedish Collegium of Advanced Studies (SCAS), while Onur Can Tastan held a visiting research position at the Department of Political Science at Uppsala University, made possible by a grant from the Swedish Institute and an initiative from SULF.

  • Sven Widmalm, Professor at the Department of History of Science and Ideas, Uppsala University.
  • Olof Wilske, Associate Professor in Constitutional Law, Uppsala University. 

Moderator: Julie Hansen, Associate Professor of Slavic Languages, Uppsala University and member of the SULF/Uppsala Board.

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/SULF Uppsala

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