Uppsala: Lecture and extra annual meeting


On 7 June SULF/Uppsala will present a lecture about the importance of keeping track of your working hours, followed by an extra annual meeting to follow up on matters that could not be completed at the latest ordinary annual meeting.

Date and time: Tuesday 7 June, 12.00-13.30 hrs
Place: Ångström Laboratory 101195 as well as B37 on Campus Gotland.

We will offer a lunch sandwich (first come, first serve).


Karin Thorasdotter, SULF Central Office, will give a short presentation on the topic of “Keep track of your working hours” (in English).

Extra annual meeting. Agenda and other related documents attached to this message. We encourage anyone who wishes to submit a statement (yrkande) on the matter of the motion to send this before the extra annual meeting to Karin Thorasdotter (kt@sulf.se), who will also be proposed to chair this meeting.

Eric Stempels (chair SULF/Uppsala)