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Are you a doctoral candidate? Join SULF!

Special offer! Right now we are offering three months of membership free of charge.

Do you love doing research but worry about what will happen after you have completed your doctorate? Are you feeling alone with your thesis work and a supervisor relationship that is not working? Do you wonder what will happen if your funding runs out before you have finished your thesis? When you are a member of SULF, we provide lots of advice and support to make life as a doctoral candidate much less challenging. We want to make it easier for you to focus on your research.

Join now!

Right now, we are offering three months of membership free of charge. That will give you three months to get a feeling for whether SULF is the right trade union for you. There is no binding membership period, and you can end your membership at any time. Join SULF no later March 31 at the latest to take advantage of this offer.

Are you already a member of another Saco union? No problem! We have dual membership agreements with several unions. So for a small additional cost you can be a member of two associations at the same time. Read more about dual membership here.

Many benefits of membership of SULF

As a doctoral candidate member of SULF, you have access to a number of valuable benefits. The membership fee is just SEK 125 per month, but right now we are offering the first three months free of charge.


SULF is the only trade union that devotes all its energy to doctoral candidates, university teachers and researchers at universities, colleges and research institutes.

We are close to your everyday working life and know the key issues and challenges at your workplace. SULF has active local associations at every higher education institution.


Income insurance and health insurance are included in the membership fee at no extra cost.

Special members’ rates on insurances and banking services.


Most of our members have been doctoral candidates, so knowledge and experience of being a doctoral candidate is a natural part of SULF.

We know the regulatory framework of higher education and therefore know the rights of doctoral candidates.

We have Sweden's most well-educated members. SULF – for doctoral candidates, researchers and university teachers.

Don’t forget to apply for membership of the unemployment fund too. You can apply here.

Do you know your rights? We do.

You will find tips, advice and support in the Work, Salary and Benefits section of the SULF website. But that can never beat the personal contact you get when you call or email our knowledgeable national officers. Membership of SULF means you can get advice and help whenever you need it.

What is SULF?

The Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers, SULF, is a trade union and professional association for university teachers, researchers and doctoral candidates. Our 22 300 members are our primary focus.

SULF is not politically affiliated, but that does not mean that we are apolitical. We are an organisation that dares to stand up and fight on political issues that impact our members and their interests, safeguarding the professional interests and working conditions of people working in higher education. We negotiate, inform, debate and influence the development of higher education and research.

As an employee, you have the right to be a member of a trade union organisation. Employers are obliged to negotiate with us on matters concerning SULF members’ working conditions. You can read more about Swedish trade unions and the Swedish labour market here.

Some groups can apply for reduction read more here

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You are now one step closer to membership of SULF. As well as advice, negotiation support, access to discounts on insurances and more, membership of SULF includes free income insurance specially adapted to the needs of SULF members. It is one of the best income insurance schemes on the market. Welcome to SULF – it pays to be a member!

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