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SULF membership FAQs. Please feel free to contact the SULF Membership Register if you do not find the answers to your questions below, phone 08-505 836 00 or send us an e-mail Join us today!

University teachers, researchers, doctoral candidates and comparable staff at universities and research institutes. If you have questions concerning your possible membership, simply contact us at the SULF Membership Register. Please contact us on 08-505 836 00 or send us an e-mail

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SULF is the only union that is fully focussed on the academic world. You gain full access to our expertise on conditions specific to the university sector, including  membership of one of our professional sections. You help SULF to promote higher education policy issues. SULF provides security, support and guidance through its fact bank, membership helpline and support to your local Saco-S and SULF association. You gain the opportunity to influence as well as access to membership benefits. Learn more about membership benefits, which also include SULF income insurance.

Please note that membership of the unemployment insurance fund Akademikernas a-kassa is not included. SULF recommends that you supplement your SULF membership with a membership of Akademikernas a-kassa.

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Yes, one of the best income insurance policies on the market with Folksam is included in SULF membership. This insurance is specifically tailored to the needs of SULF members: for example, a period on a post-doc scholarship or research studies full time without an employment position can be disregarded when calculating the time period for eligibility.

We also provide Additional insurance. Members can now take out an individual addition insurance policy on top of the basic insurance cover that is included in membership. This additional insurance must be taken out by each member individually and provides payments for an additional 150 days. Monthly premiums vary according to income from SEK 33 to SEK 198.

Read more about the income insurance and additional insurance here.

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If you are a member of another union you must cancel your membership there. Find out what date your withdrawal can be scheduled and use this for your admission application to SULF so you will be a member from the same date, provided your SULF application is received during the month you wish to enter.

If you have been covered by an income insurance scheme in another trade union, your period of membership in that scheme may be counted towards the qualifying period if the membership is valid at the time you join SULF. If you become unemployed before you have been a member of SULF for 12 months, you will require proof of membership from your previous union.

  • Other Saco unions. If you are a member of another Saco union, you can (in most cases at no, or very small, additional cost), become a double member and join SULF so you get membership of the two unions for basically one fee. This provides access to two magazines, membership benefits from two unions etc. Learn more about our double-membership charges for professionals and doctoral candidates. Contact SULF Membership Register for further details.
  • Swedish Association of Health Professionals. If you are a member of this union and work as a teacher of nursing science you may become a member of SULF only and at the same time remain as non-negotiable member of the Swedish Association of Health Professionals. Contact them for discussions on your continued membership and indicate that you are SULF member.

No, Akademikernas a-kassa, is an independent organisation and membership requires a separate application. SULF recommends that you become member of Akademikernas a-kassa. Apply for membership. The monthly fee for membership of Akademikernas a-kassa is currently SEK 140.

For questions about unemployment insurance, ring directly to Akademikernas a-kassa on 08-412 33 00.

SULF recommends that you supplement your SULF membership with membership of the unemployment insurance fund for academics, Akademikernas a-kassa. Please note that membership of Akademikernas a-kassa is not included in your SULF membership fee and that you must have been a member of both SULF and the unemployment insurance fund for at least one year in order to qualify for compensation from the income insurance included in your SULF membership.

If you are a member of another unemployment insurance fund and wish to change to Akademikernas a-kassa, please fill in the transfer application form and sign using your BankID. You can specify which account you would like to make the direct debit payment from.

If you are already a member of another unemployment insurance fund, you will continue to pay the membership fee to your current fund until you receive notification from Akademikernas a-kassa that the transfer is complete. You will then start paying the fee to Akademikernas a-kassa instead.

When you log in to My Pages, you can see you membership data and are able to update the information. You can also see your invoices and your membership number.

We update all members’ address information automatically through SPAR, a register linked to the Swedish Population Register. If you would like to receive your post an address other than the one at which you are officially registered, choose yes in the field marked other postal address.

It is your own responsibility to ensure that all your other membership data is correct. Reed SULF statutes here.

Log in to My Pages and then click contact us at the top of the page.

You are welcome to remain a member of the union even after retirement at a reduced fee, 660 SEK/year. You can then continue to exert influence on the university world. Membership also allows you to follow developments in higher education in the Universitetsläraren magazine, newsletters and you also get to retain discounted insurance and other membership benefits.

Log in to My Pages to update your details. Please note that we need to receive and process your membership, so the changes will not be shown immediately on your SULF pages.

Leaving the union

Request your exit from SULF by logging into My Pages. Login requires a Bank ID.

No Bank ID? Ordering a Bank ID differs between banks, usually they can be ordered directly from the relevant Internet bank, if not please ask your bank. More information about Bank ID.

When you are logged in, click on “Contact”. For our statistics, please fill in the reason for your leaving.

Membership ends on the last day of the month SULF receives your request.

Membership fees are charged as usual until the date of exit. Then SULF cancels invoicing or direct debit instructions. If you pay by direct debit, please remember that union fees are deducted in arrears.

Before you leave we would like to remind you about some of the membership benefits that will come to an end

Membership insurance cover
If you are unsure whether you are insured or not, please contact the relevant insurance company as you pay directly to them.

Life and accident insurance: Folksam  Ring: 0771–950 950 business days 7.30–21.00, weekends 09.00–19.00

Home and non-life insurance: Trygg Hansa.  Ring: 0771–111 667 business days 8.00-19.00, weekends 9.00-17.00.

SULF income insurance  is included in your membership fee and will cease when you leave.

If you are changing union, the period you have been a member of SULF can be counted for qualification on the condition that your SULF membership ends directly before you join the other union.

Unemployment Insurance Fund
If you wish to leave the unemployment insurance fund, Akademikernas a-kassa, you have to request your exit directly to them. Remember that it takes twelve full months to gain full insurance cover if you leave the fund and then wish to join again.

Double membership
If you are a double member in SULF and any other Saco union, your double membership ceases and you must notify the other union yourself whether you wish to remain there or not. According to the double-membership agreements in place, you cannot be a retired member, a foreign member or a guest member and are solely a member of SULF.

You are welcome to stay as a member of the union even after retirement at a reduced fee of SEK 600 per year. You are then able to continue to influence the university world in the right direction. Membership also allows you to continue to follow developments in the union magazine Universitetsläraren and newsletters and you also enjoy discounted insurance and other membership benefits.

Moving abroad and perhaps returning to Sweden?
Instead of leaving SULF, take membership as a foreign member or guest member. Contact us and we can tell you more.

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