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Membership benefits

With a membership in SULF you will get access to all the knowledge and competence in the unique conditions that exist within the higher education system. You will also get a income insurance specially adapted to the needs of SULF members. It is one of the best income insurance schemes on the market. Welcome to SULF – it pays to become a member! Join us here.

  • One of the best income insurance schemes on the market is included in your membership. The insurance policy is specially adapted to the needs of SULF members. In order to be covered by this insurance, you must have been a member of the union for at least 12 months and also a member of the unemployment insurance fund (AEA) for at least 12 month.
  • In the other income insurance schemes, periods on scholarships or full-time doctoral studies with no employment position cause problems, but we have anticipated these situations and you are able to disregard certain periods which improves your chances of receiving benefits. We also maximize your potential to combine support from the Job Security Foundation with SULF income insurance. For example if you are entitled to 44 days of benefit from the Job Security Foundation, you can then carry on with all 150 days of SULF income insurance.
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  • Additional insurance. Members can now take out an individual addition insurance policy on top of the basic insurance cover that is included in membership. This additional insurance must be taken out by each member individually and provides payments for an additional 150 days. Monthly premiums vary according to income from SEK 33 to SEK 198. Read more!

Group Insurance for members at Förenade Liv
As a member of SULF you can get access to collective insurance at preferential rates through Förenade Liv for you and the family. Collective insurance provides comprehensive cover at lower premiums than individual policies. SULF membership insurance includes special rates for life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, family protection cover, seniors insurance, children’s insurance and pregnancy insurance.  As a new member, you will automatically receive insurance coverage that’s valid starting your first day. The first three months are free of charge, and you won’t need to submit a declaration of health. Read more!

Home insurance at Trygg-Hansa
SULF members can get at least 10 percent discount on home insurance. New customers get’s discount the first year. Home insurance for doctoral candidates and visiting academics att preferential rates and also surplus distributed to SULF insurance customers. Read more!

You can take out a mortgage at a preferential interest rate with Danske Bank and SEB.  You can also apply for a member loan through one of SULF’s member loan banks at a low interest rate  as a member: (in Swedish only)

SULF members have access to the SULF helpline. The SULF helpline puts you in direct contact with the Association’s officers if you have any questions or need advice.

Call us!
Call us on  08-505 836 00.  The helpline is staffed by union officers at 9.00-11.30 every weekday. Please note that the helpline is for SULF members only, so you will need to provide your personal identity number or your membership number.

Online support!
The SULF online support service allows members to send questions to our union officers. Click here to submit a question. We aim to answer all questions within 24 hours, though this may vary during holidays and weekends.

In order to answer your question as fully as possible, we need the following information:
1. Your membership number or personal identity number
2. The subject of your enquiry
3. The email address to which you would like us to reply or your telephone number


Many SULF-members work abroad during periods, SULF provides special benefits for you who are going to work abroad during a few years.

Membership service abroad
Member service abroad. If you are a member of SULF and work temporarily (maximum 2 years) in Finland, Norway, Denmark, or the UK, Canada, Irland or USA, you are entitled to member service from SULF’s sister association in each respective country.

Swedes Worldwide
As a member of SULF you will receive a 20 percent discount on membership in Swedes Worldwide, you will than pay 400 SEK. SW gives you  advice on issues of interest to Swedes living abroad. As a member you have access to advisors who have special knowledge about pension, tax and legal issues. You can subscribe to their newsletter and magazine.

Through the web site, magazine and Facebook you will get information and create contacts between Swedes around the world.

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SULF arranges a large number of local seminars and courses. For more information, se the calender!

Universitetsläraren  is SULF´s magazine for members. It is issued 8 times annually and a subscription is included in your membership fees. This magazine is the leading arena for higher educational political discussions in Sweden – also an important advertising channel within the higher education field.

SULF salary statistics
Every year SULF compiles salary statistics. Statistics concern relevant salary levels for doctoral candidates in employed positions, postdocs, research assistants, lecturers, senior lecturers and professors in public sector agreement areas.

Saco Lönesök
Saco Lönesök gives you access to unique profession-specific salary statistics. Here there are average salaries and data on the distribution of salaries for  different age groups, graduation year, qualification, employment sector etc.



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