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Advice, support and negotiation assistance

As a member of SULF, you can contact us for advice and support on matters related to work and employment, for example if you have been wrongfully dismissed, been injured at work or not received your salary.

In the Work, Salary and Benefits section of the SULF website, we have gathered information about the conditions that apply in the higher education sector. For example, you can read about salaries and salary-setting dialogues, unemployment and tips for your academic career.

Local support

If you have questions about salaries and salary levels, working hours, employment conditions, work environment or if you need negotiation help, you should contact your local Saco-S association. Your local elected representatives have an unparalleled knowledge of the local workplace and conditions and what solutions are possible. They also have extensive knowledge of relevant laws, regulations and agreements. You will find contact details of the local representatives at your higher education institution here.

Central support

Our member support team answers general and fundamental questions regarding labour and employment law. Sometimes it is not possible to solve problems locally, so our experts at the central office assist the local representatives. It is good to have qualified legal support on your side.

In exceptional cases, we may not be able to find a solution, despite the extent of our support. In these cases, members can receive professional legal aid.

The SULF member support team

Call 08-505 836 00 or email

The SULF membership register

The SULF membership register team helps with matters such as change of address change of jobs, membership fees and joining or leaving the union. Call 08-505 836 00 or email

The team can be reached by phone between 9.00 and 11.30 on weekdays. Emails are normally answered within 24 hours on weekdays. At weekends and around public holidays, response times may vary.

Please include the following details when you email us so that we can give you the best and most relevant answer:

    1. Membership number or personal identity number (personnummer).

    1. The matter you need help with.

    1. The e-mail address you wish us to reply to or your telephone number.