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Questions and answers about Folksam Legal Insurance

Many matters concern advice in the event of separation or divorce and help in custody disputes. Equally common is help with writing wills, prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements. Questions about different types of property transfer, such as gifts, are common, as is help with setting up a future power of attorney.

15 hours will go a long way, both for advice and the digital access you get to the most common legal documents relating to family law, such as wills, cohabitation agreements and future power of attorney.

Drawing up an estate and property inventory, for example, usually takes less than 15 hours.

You will have a discounted price for any additional hours provided by Familjens Jurist.

If you take out Folksam Legal Insurance within 3 months of receiving the offer, the cover applies from the date stated on your insurance policy document.

If you choose to take out the Legal Insurance at a later time, it will take effect 6 months after the date stated on your insurance policy document.

No, migration issues are not included in the insurance cover.

Everything included in the insurance cover also applies to citizens of other countries, but Familjens Jurist can only give advice on Swedish law.

Familjens Jurist can help with migration matters, but this is not covered by the Legal Insurance. This is an additional service that you can pay for separately.

Between one and four weeks, depending on the type of matter the case concerns.

If you are a member of the union as a self-employed person, legal advice on and preparation of the following documents is included in the insurance cover:

  • Shareholder agreements.
  • Share transfer agreements in unlisted companies.
  • Transfer of assets.
  • Gifts of shares.
  • Employment contracts.
  • CEO agreements.
  • Confidentiality agreements in employment contracts.
  • Amendment of the articles of association.
  • Minutes of shareholders’ meetings.
  • Change of company signatory.