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Income insurance and additional insurance

One of the best income insurance schemes on the market is included in your membership. The insurance policy is specially adapted to the needs of SULF members. In order to be covered by this insurance, you must have been a member of SULF for at least 12 months and also a member of a Swedish a-kassa, for example Akademikernas a-kassa, for at least 12 months.

In the other income insurance schemes, periods on scholarships or full-time doctoral studies with no employment position cause problems, but we have anticipated these situations and you are able to disregard certain periods which improves your chances of receiving benefits. We also maximize your potential to combine support from the Job Security Foundation with SULF income insurance. For example if you are entitled to 44 days of benefit from the Job Security Foundation, you can then carry on with all 150 days of SULF income insurance.

Additional insurance. Members can now take out an individual addition insurance policy on top of the basic insurance cover that is included in membership. This additional insurance must be taken out by each member individually and provides payments for an additional 150 days. Monthly premiums vary according to income from SEK 33 to SEK 198.

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