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Leave, leave of absence, parental leave

Grounds for leave of absence

The opportunity, or sometimes right, for employees to take leave from work is regulated by legislation and collective agreement. As a state employee the Villkorsavtal-T collective agreement states both the right and the opportunity to take leave of absence, with or without salary deduction.

Study leave
If you have been employed by your employer for the past six months or twelve months during the last two years, you are entitled to apply for leave for studies according to the Study Leave Act. The employer has the option to defer this leave up to six months.

Parental leave
The Parental Leave Act entitles you to several different types of parental leave. These include maternity leave, full parental leave, with or without parental allowance and care of sick children parental allowance (VAB). Learn more about different types of parental leave here.

And more
In addition to these, you are also entitled to take leave of absence with reference to the Act on Right to Leave to Conduct Business Operations, the Act on Leave of Absence for Urgent Family Reasons, and the Act on Right to Leave of Absence to Try other Employment Due to Ill Health.

Leave for assignments as union representative
If your employer has been notified that you are a union representative you are, according to the Union Representatives Act and the Agreement on Union Representatives, entitled to the leave necessary for the trade union assignment. The extent of this leave is usually agreed between the local union and the employer. This type of leave does not entail any loss of salary.