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Paid leave of absence for state employees

According to the Villkorsavtal-T Collective Agreement, state employees are entitled to leave during working hours without loss of pay under certain conditions.

Medical and some dental appointments
Villkorsavtal-T gives state employees entitlement to leave without loss of pay for visits to the doctor, occupational health services, outpatient care, maternity care or to donate blood. You may also take paid leave for dental visits for emergency dental problems as well as examinations or treatments after referral by a dentist or doctor.

Other paid leave
As stated in the Leave of Absence Ordinance, state employees are also entitled to paid leave in the following situations:

  1. Serious illness, death, funeral, estate inventory or estate distribution within your own family or your immediate family circle. You are entitled to the necessary time (including travel time) but at most ten working days in a calendar year.
  2. When moving, you are entitled to one day of paid leave, however if your move entitles you to a relocation grant (read more about relocation grant here), you are entitled to a maximum of three days.
  3. If you are an official of central trade union, such as a member of the SULF Board or the SULF Doctoral Candidate Association Board, or an official of a local SULF trade union (where there is a local Saco-S) you are entitled to paid leave for at most ten working days per calendar year.
  4. You are also entitled to paid leave for at most five working days per calendar year to sit college or university exams.

Paid leave for studies
Employers are also able to grant paid leave for a certain amount of education if it is considered significant for employer operations. The employer will allow you to retain all or part of your salary during all or part of your study leave. The assessment of whether a certain qualification is significant to operations is made by the employer.