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Entitlement and opportunities for leave of absence according to Villkorsavtal-T

The Villkorsavtal-T Collective Agreement gives you, under certain conditions, the right to take leave of absence from your employment.

Right to leave of absence

If you are a permanent employee covered by the Terms and Conditions Agreement T*, you have the right to take leave for up to two years in order to take a fixed-term position covered by the same agreement. If the fixed-term position you are taking leave for is limited in time under the Higher Education Ordinance, for example employment as a doctoral candidate or as an associate senior lecturer (biträdande lektor), you are entitled to longer leave.

In order for the university to be able to plan its work, you need to notify the employer at least two months in advance. For more information, see Villkorsavtal-T.

* and have been permanently employed, (including probationary employment), by the employer for at least 12 months and you have not already exercised this right to leave in the past 12 months. Terms and Conditions Agreement T applies at all state universities and at Chalmers and Jönköping University

Other leave

Even in cases where you do not qualify for leave according to the above, you may be granted leave under Villkorsavtal-T. The university may grant leave for up to six months. If the university considers that there are special circumstances, you may be granted even longer leave.