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Who owns the copyright to a university teacher's recorded lecture? Do the students have the right to record lectures? What happens to your teaching material when you retire? Questions about copyright are many and complex and as technology develops, the questions become more numerous.

Your copyright

The work of securing academic freedom, teaching quality and teachers’ copyright is underway on several fronts. SULF works through negotiations as well as by providing information for members and other stakeholders.

The copyright tradition concerning teachers’ material is formed, and is changed by, our everyday mindset and actions and how we manage copyright issues. Even quite minor changes that may appear totally innocent may bring far-reaching consequences.

If discussions are underway at a university about adopting a copyright policy, or making other changes in current praxis, it is vital to maintain close contacts with local union representatives and ensure that SULF is kept up to date.

  • Contact your local union representatives.
  • Make it very clear to your employer that you are not willing to give up your copyright.
  • Remember that SULF members are entitled to representation by local union officials.