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Employment conditions for professors emeritus

Currently there are no standard regulations for the rights and duties of emeriti after retirement. A small number of universities have centrally-established regulations that apply to the entire university while others have delegated such decisions – sometimes to faculties, but mostly to departments.

Employment conditions for professors emeritus/a vary. For members soon to retire, SULF recommends a discussion on their role after retirement with the relevant manager, Head of Department, well in advance. Employment conditions important to monitor include, but are not limited to, insurance, retention of office facilities and access to laboratories, possibly employment form etc.

In many cases these conditions are negotiated with the relevant Head of Department who also makes the decisions as concerns negotiating conditions. In this situation, good personal relations are essential as well as support from the local senior associations and other networks.

It is vital to review labour law issues when discussing the future of a person soon to retire. SULF recommends that members, prior to continuing their operations at the university after retirement, ask employers to clarify the social security measures available in cases of illness, accident etc. if they, as emeriti, are no longer employees of the university. Initially it is best to approach the university legal department for advice, but SULF is also naturally at members’ service as concerns advice if necessary.

We would also like to point out that there are no legal barriers to employing retired employees.