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Saved holiday days

If you are a state sector employee, you are entitled to save part of the current year’s holiday. You are obliged to take out at least 20 days, but the remaining days may be saved if you so wish. In order to save the holiday, you must notify your employer that you do not intend to take standard vacation and you want to save the specified number of holiday days.

One important difference between saved holiday, and ordinary holidays is that the employer cannot order you to take out saved holiday days. However, you must apply and wait for the employer to permit you to take out saved holiday days just like regular holiday days. At most you may collect 35 saved holiday days.

From 2018 the maximum amount of saved holidays is 30. If you have more than 30 saved holiday days,  you have to take out at least 5 of them by Dec 31 2022. There may also be individual agreements.