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Work environment

IT availability – discussion and suggested guidelines

Discuss IT availability at your workplace. In order to have a good working environment, it is important to differentiate between leisure time and working hours. Start with how to achieve a good work environment with regard to IT stress and what rules should apply for staff to be able to work in a good way. The same rules/guidelines should apply to the entire organisation/authority.

Topics to discuss:

  • When are we expected to respond to emails?
    Example: Replies to emails are only expected on weekdays between 8.00 and 17.00.
  • Do we want to specify times when we should avoid sending emails?
    Example: Emails should not normally be sent between 17.00 and 8.00
  • What rules apply at weekends?
    Example: No one is expected to read or respond to emails in their free time.
  • What applies when on leave, e.g. holidays, sick leave, parental leave?
  • Should the same rules be applied to external and internal emails?
  • Use of draft/send later functions to delay sending emails.
  • Accepted response times for emails - based on what is required by law.
  • Accepted response times for internal emails.
  • Accepted response time for external emails.
  • When and how should we use the autoreply function?
  • How should the rules be communicated to others, e.g. students?

Example guidelines
Tips and advice for dealing with email