In preparation for salary setting dialogues it is useful to have a look at the relevant salary statistics in the country.

SULF salary statistics
Every year SULF compiles salary statistics. Statistics concern relevant salary levels for doctoral candidates in employed positions, postdocs, research assistants, lecturers, senior lecturers and professors in public sector agreement areas.

Saco Lönesök
Saco Lönesök is a web statistics program where you can view statistics for SULF members or of all the members of any other Saco union. Different databases of information from employers and survey data are available. If you are a member of SULF and a state employee, the statistics most relevant to you can be found under “Arbetsgivare”.

Saco Lönesök gives you access to unique profession-specific salary statistics. Here there are average salaries and data on the distribution of salaries for different age groups, graduation year, qualification, employment sector etc.

If you are a member – log into lönestatistik

If you are a member we have compiled SULF and Saco-S salary statistics on your pages. Log on to My Pages and download the manual.

If you have not had time to become a member, it’s easy to fill out an application here.

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