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Meeting with the Ministry of Justice regarding the Migration Act

SULF has now had a meeting with officials at the Ministry of Justice. Once again, we highlighted the negative effects…
17 May 2023

Agreement on improved pensions for state sector employees

Saco-S, (which includes SULF), has signed an agreement with the Swedish Agency for Government Employers regarding improvements to the pension…
12 May 2023

New SULF publication: On academic freedom

The academic freedom is constantly challenged. It needs constitutional protection. Read more in the SULF publication On academic freedom. Academic…
13 April 2023

Fears persist over impact of immigration rules on academia

SULF is mentioned in the article in University World News: Fears persist over impact of immigration rules on academia
SULF in the media
27 March 2023

Will a ‘hostile’ immigration climate deter global scholars?

Sanna Wolk’s debate contribution in SvD on 29th of Januari is mentioned in University World News: “The migration agency was…
SULF in the media
3 February 2023

What will a shift to the right mean for higher education?

SULF:s president Sanna Wolk is quoted in an article in University World News: “The governmental platform is a threat to…
SULF in the media
21 January 2023

Your SULF membership just got even better!

Congratulations to all SULF members. Health insurance from Folksam is now included in your membership at no extra cost. Health…
19 January 2023

Ten solutions to the problems the migration legislation causes

SULF has long pushed for legislative changes regarding residence permits for researchers. Below, we list ten of the biggest problems…
6 January 2023

News for members who turn 65 soon

From 1 January 2023, you can continue to be a member of the unemployment insurance fund and receive unemployment benefits…
12 December 2022

Influence and improve the situation of doctoral candidates

Would you like to be involved in influencing and improving the situation of doctoral candidates? SULF is looking for people…
11 December 2022