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Career and promotion

It is pleasing to note that the proportion of doctoral graduates has increased sharply in recent decades, both for the individuals themselves and society as a whole. But not all of these doctoral graduates either can or should remain within higher education. The knowledge that these individuals possess needs to be put to positive use for the development of society.

Academic careers can look so incredibly different. You might be a student with research ambitions; a doctoral candidate who is in that difficult period around a year before your thesis is supposed to be completed; a lecturer thinking about becoming a senior lecturer or distinguished teacher; or perhaps a senior lecturer wondering how to become a professor.

You may also have been forced to switch between different types of fixed-term employment and sometimes asked yourself whether an academic career is really the right path for you.

SULF has put together a guide to support you when you are thinking about your academic career choices.

Good luck on your expedition – and don’t forget that your career does not exist separately from your life. Not even in academia.

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If you are a member, you can download it as a pdf on My pages.

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