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Supplementary private insurance cover

Although you are covered by a comprehensive range of collective insurance schemes, there may be good reason to review your private insurance coverage. This is because some of the insurance schemes within the collective agreement do not apply outside working hours, for example in the event of an accident. You may also need greater coverage in certain situations.

SULF has partnered with Folksam regarding insurance related to you and your family. This cooperation entitles you to take out insurance at significantly reduced prices, and the discount you receive as a member of SULF is in many cases at least as large as the membership fee. As a member, you can also insure your partner and your children. These insurances are valid until you reach the age of 65. If you continue to work beyond that date, you just need to notify Folksam and then the conditions will continue to apply until you reach the age of 69. After that, you will be eligible for our insurance for retired members.

You can read more about our insurance policies and what they cost on the Folksam website, where you can also take out insurance policies online. Below is a brief summary of the insurance policies available to SULF members. The full terms of the insurance apply in each case, and these are available on the Folksam website.

The only insurance that is automatically included in your membership fee is the SULF income insurance, (on condition that you are also a member of an unemployment insurance fund (a-kassa) and fulfil the qualification period of one year's membership of SULF). However, some of the insurances below are included for free for three months for new members, and you will be covered without the need for a health check if you are fully fit for work when you become a member.

If you need any advice on your insurance needs, you are welcome to contact Folksam.

Income insurance

The SULF income insurance is automatically included in your membership of SULF if you are also a member of an unemployment insurance fund. The qualification period is 12 months of membership. The insurance provides compensation for involuntary unemployment if you receive compensation from a Swedish unemployment insurance fund and have a salary that exceeds the highest level of unemployment compensation payable by the fund. It covers 150 days of unemployment.

You can also take out supplementary income insurance, which entitles you to receive compensation for a further 150 days. The qualification period for this is also 12 months, calculated from the first day you become unemployed. You can find more information on the SULF income insurance here.

Accident insurance

This insurance provides compensation in the event of an accident. You can receive compensation for both costs and the injuries. You can also be entitled to crisis therapy through this insurance if you suffer an accident or the death of a close relative.

Health insurance, including diagnostic insurance

This insurance provides compensation if you become ill and are on sick leave for more than 25 per cent of your working time for more than three months and are entitled to receive compensation from the Social Insurance Agency, Försäkringskassan.  (Please note that special rules apply for members who have scholarship funding and are therefore not eligible for sickness benefit.) The insurance can also pay you a lump sum if you receive sickness benefit for preventive treatment.

If you suffer from certain serious illnesses, you may be entitled to a lump sum payment through the diagnostic insurance which is included in the policy.

Endowment health insurance

This insurance can provide compensation in the event of long-term sick leave, (at least one year). If you are ill for at least three years, additional compensation may be applicable.

Life insurance

This insurance provides compensation to your dependents should the unthinkable happen. Different insurance amounts from 10 up to 30 price-indexed base amounts can be selected. The insurance also provides compensation in the form of funeral expenses support in the event of the death of a dependent child under the age of 18.

Medical insurance

This insurance can entitle you to quick access to medical care after referral by a doctor.

Child insurance

This insurance covers both accident and illness and provides compensation for costs, disability and hospitalisation. The insurance can be taken out until the child reaches the age of 18 and can be valid up to and including the year the child reaches the age of 25. The insurance can be taken out without the need for a medical examination, though there are time and age limits for certain illnesses.

Maternity Insurance

This insurance can provide compensation if you are pregnant and covers both you and your child. It exists in two forms, one that is free of charge and one with added coverage, for which you pay a one-time premium. The insurance also includes a family support service, which you can call to ask questions and receive advice about pregnancy and your child's development.

This insurance is not included in our members’ insurance offer. You can read more about it at (in Swedish).