Salary and salary interview
Salary and salary interview

Local salary levels

The conditions for local salary negotiations are stated in the central agreement entitled Ramavtal om löner m. m. för arbetstagare inom det statliga avtalsområdet (RALS 2010-T) concluded between Saco-S  and the Swedish Agency for Government Employers.

Who deals with local salary negotiations?
According to the central collective salary agreement in the state (RALS-T), local salary reviews are conducted in one of two ways – salary-setting negotiations or salary dialogue.

Salary-setting negotiations
There is the possibility that everyone will agree with their boss about their new salary level in connection with salary review (salary-setting negotiations). This model assumes that the relevant Saco-S associations/council first agree with the employer that this model will be applied to all or parts of the university.

Salary dialogue
At salary reviews there are two ways to negotiate. The most common is that negotiations are conducted by the relevant Saco-S association/council. The employer and the local union association then agree on principles for salary level setting and sometimes agree also on the amount to be distributed in total. It is important that each member has the opportunity to discuss their salary with their head of department (or equivalent) before the employer makes proposals on individual salary changes (salary dialogue).

If your university uses this model, SULF recommends that you state your salary requirements, both to your head of department/equivalent and to your local union representatives so that your views can be taken into account in these negotiations.

Who can represent you
For more information on the model applied at your university, please contact your local Saco-S association/council.