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4 steps - If you become unemployed


Short periods of unemployment are quite common in the higher education sector. However, statistics show that unemployment periods are usually short and the majority of those affected have found new employment within 6 months. If you become unemployed, you are most likely entitled to collectively-agreed support systems. Support may consist, for example, of assistance from TSN (Job Security Foundation). Income insurance is also included in your SULF membership.

4 steps – If you become unemployed:

  1. Register at the Job Centre
    It is very important that you register at the Job Centre on the first day of your unemployment (working day).
  2. Apply for unemployment benefit at Akademikernas a-kassa. To apply for benefit you then need to send certificates regarding your work and/or the activities you have had during the last twelve months to Akademikernas a-kassa (or other Swedish a-kassa). For the benefit to be paid out you need to fill in kassakort in Mina Sidor. Apply for benefit.
  3. Contact The Job Security Foundation. Contact the The Job Security Foundation Trygghetsstiftelsen  and check if you are entitled to topping up of unemployment insurance. If you are entitled to compensation from the foundation, you can then apply for compensation from the SULF income insurance for up to a further 150 days.
    Information on what should apply if you are employed in the private sector.
    Information on what should apply if you are employed in the municipal sector.
  4. Apply for compensation from the SULF income insurance
    If you are entitled to income-related unemployment benefit from a-kassa but not to topping up from the Job Security Agreement, you may apply for benefits from SULF income insurance. Apply for compensation from the income insurance by filling out the special form.  Send it to Folksam. Remember to enclose the confirmation from Akademikernas a-kassa with you application for compensation. Questions about the income insurance? Contact the insurance company Folksam, e-mail or call 08-700 40 25. Read more here.


Contact the SULF Members’ Helpline for assistance.