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Are doctoral candidates entitled to unemployment insurance benefits?

As a doctoral candidate you are considered a student by Akademikernas a-kassa as long as you are enrolled in the doctoral programme. On the completion of your studies you can be considered as unemployed and receive benefits from Akademikernas a-kassa.

Sometimes, unfortunately, doctoral candidates’ employment positions end before their theses are completed and sent to the printers. When this happens, the doctoral candidate is normally not entitled to benefits from Akademikernas a-kassa. Only when studies have been completed or permanently interrupted can you be considered unemployed and eligible for benefits from Akademikernas a-kassa.

Thesis at the printers

Akademikernas a-kassa considers, however, that research studies are concluded as soon as you have sent your thesis to the printers and only your defence of thesis remains. In order to receive benefits,  Akademikernas a-kassa usually require you to certify that your studies have been completed. You do not need to wait for the date of your thesis defence to seek unemployment benefit. In some cases, Akademikernas a-kassa considers studies completed even if the thesis is not at the printers, e.g. if only editorial work remains and all courses are completed.

Contact Akademikernas a-kassa to find out how they regard your particular situation.

Requirements for benefits

We have gathered information on unemployment insurance, membership requirements and benefits here. In addition Akademikernas a-kassa has gathered specialized information relating to doctoral candidates here.