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Transition agreement for the municipal Sector

For those employed at a municipality, a county council or company or local authority that are a member of Pacta.

Transition Agreement in brief

There is a Transition Agreement within the municipal area covering employees who are given notice from a permanent position due to redundancy provided that your position was at least 40% of full time and you have been employed for at least one year by your current employer. The municipal Transition Agreement does not include fixed-term contract employees. Support is provided from the Transition Fund.

Support from the Transition Fund

  • The Transition Fund provides support for you to find a new job.
  • If you have been employed by your current employer for at least five continuous years (at least four years as a permanent employee), you may also receive topping up of unemployment insurance benefits up to 80 per cent of your previous salary for 200 benefit days and up to 70 per cent for an additional 100 benefit days.

Read more about the Transition Fund (in Swedish).

Frequently asked questions

Question: If I am entitled to topping up of unemployment insurance benefits due to the Agreement in the municipal sector - can I also get support from SULF income insurance?

Answer: You typically cannot simultaneously receive benefits through transition agreements and SULF income insurance. The law on unemployment benefits states that you at most may receive unemployment insurance benefits equivalent to 80 per cent of your previous income.

In order to be able to receive topping up from SULF income insurance you need to first have exhausted all opportunities for benefits under your Transition Agreement. Consequently if you are entitled to topping up of unemployment benefit from the Transition Fund, you must apply for this first. If you are not entitled to benefits from there, then you may instead apply for benefits from SULF income insurance when you become unemployed.