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Help us improve conditions for doctoral candidates


The SULF Association of Doctoral Candidates , formerly known as SDF, monitors the interests of doctoral candidates and works for better conditions. The Association’s nomination committee is now looking for members who want to get involved in improving the rights of doctoral candidates and who want to join the board of the SULF Doctoral Candidate Association in 2020-2021. Do you want to contribute?

Fill in the form and the nomination committee will contact you soon. Last day is December 3rd.

About The SULF Association och Doctoral Candidates

The SULF Association of Doctoral Candidates monitors section-related issues, i.e. all issues of importance to doctoral candidates. The Association’s statutes state that the board is to:

  • safeguard and monitor section members’ interests in accordance with the SULF statutes and decisions made by the Congress or the SULF Association Board;
  • conduct membership recruitment;
  • carry out advocacy work and publicise the activities of the section;
  • act as a preparatory body for the Association Board on section issues;
  • keep the Association Board informed about the activities of the section.

The current board consists of doctoral candidates from 10 different universities in Sweden. Within the board, a number of working groups have been set up to focus on specific issues. Currently, there are working groups dealing with language, mental health, migration and work environment issues. Other working groups are formed when needed.


Please send an email to the nomination committee if you have any questions.

Per Boström, Benny Borghei, Parisa Aasi
Nomination committee, 2020-2021

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